Our Vision

Our vision with Universal Kiss is simple -- romance in both familiar and unexpected form. The rose is a lasting symbol of the devotion of love. It is sensual, its petals conjuring the image of sensitive skin. Alluring, twisting and flowering, even the petals of a rose alone give the impression of the whole.


A single rose is both an object and symbol, a statement grown and harvested for the sake of impressing emotion on its receiver. A bouquet is an abundance of emotion, heaved into the arms of an overwhelmed, grateful heart. And beyond that, flowers, and roses in particular, are frequently installed in art pieces, as images of beauty both transient and eternal. Archways, shields, parade floats and other incarnations of art everywhere adore the rose.


The rose has always captured the imagination of the heart. As a motif, it has inspired artists, knights, kings, emperors, and the common man for thousands of years. The bold beauty of the rose can be summoned up with just a thought. Whether with thorns or without, minds across centuries turn to the rose as inspiration, motif, and a focus for emotion.